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Forms and Downloads

Euro Accountancy & Finance Services was founded in 2004, in response to the demand for practical and professional help for new and already established Small and Medium Sized Enterprises for Contractors working in Europe.

Working in Europe Guides for Contractors

Working in Europe Guides for Contractors 
Working in Belgium GuideDownload PDF
Working in Germany GuideDownload PDF
Working in Italy GuideDownload PDF
Working in Luxembourg GuideDownload PDF
Working in Netherlands GuideDownload PDF

Application Forms, Links & Downloads

Application Forms, Links & Downloads 
Cater Allen Bank Account (Limited Company Application Form)Download PDF
Cater Allen Bank Account (ID Requirements Form)Download PDF
Mortgages for ContractorsContractor Mortgages Website
Insurance for ContractorsKnightsbridge Professional Website

EAFS are proud to be approved by the PCG as an Accredited Accountancy firm for Contractors.

Why Choose EAFS?

  • We are Payroll Experts: We have major experience in Europe and hold all necessary licences for distributing payroll across the EU.
  • Value for Money: Our fees are highly competitive and very reasonable, especially compared to other firms.
  • We are on top of the Latest EU Developments: The legislation for the European Union is constantly changing, we stay up to date with all developments to provide the most legally compliant service at a competitive price.

Ready to Talk? Contact Euro Accountancy & Finance Services TODAY!!!

23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Square de Meeus 37, Brussels, Belgium

Phone (UK):
+44 131 526 3300

Phone (NL):
+31 20 808 45 44

Beekstraat 310, Schiphol, Netherlands

Altrottstr. 31, Walldorf, Germany