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Euro Accountancy & Finance Services was founded in 2004, in response to the demand for practical and professional help for new and already established Small and Medium Sized Enterprises for Contractors working in Europe.

Our team of professional, qualified accountants are dedicated to meeting all your accountancy and tax obligations, ensuring all deadlines are met on time every time. We not only make sure you and your business are fully compliant we also advise on the most tax efficient and legal way of organising your business affairs, be that a EAFS UK Umbrella, Limited Company, Partnership or Sole Trader structure.

We have added some calculators below for your use. If you require further clarification on any items feel free to contact one of our professional financial advisors who will be more than happy to go over any point for you.

Payroll & Tax Calculators
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EAFS are proud to be approved by the PCG as an Accredited Accountancy firm for Contractors.