Belgium Social Security

Whether a Resident or a Non-Resident, when working in Belgium you are required to pay Social Security contributions on gross salary and all total earnings in Belgium.

Social Security contributions are deducted automatically at source from the salary paid, when employed by EAFS Consulting BVBA and paid directly to the National Social Security Office. In this section, you will find general information relating to Social Security Rates and Employer and Employee contributed funds.

Employers contribute to the following funds in Belgium as part of the employer contributions:

  • Pensions Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Sickness Payments
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Child benefits
  • Labour Accidents
  • Educational Leave

Employees contribute to the following funds:

  • Pension
  • Health
  • Unemployment Insurance

When you commence work in Belgium, your employer will ensure you are covered by the national social security system.

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