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Dutch Umbrella Company

Working in Holland

Dutch Umbrella Company

EAFS Consulting BV holds an established relationship with the Dutch Tax Authority. This is the only compliant way for contractors and freelancers to work in the Netherlands, and ensures that the local tax authorities are happy with your presence. More importantly, it allows you to gain the best possible retention rate in the market place, despite your circumstances and requirements.

EAFS Consulting BV welcome contractors and agencies to enquire about services or request a quotation. We thrive at the opportunity to offer a tailored and bespoke service to the Dutch Market Place.

Dutch Umbrella Company

When employees are hired through our umbrella, the tax registration is performed automatically with regards to each individual employee. As a result, we can monitor the tax registration and handle the tax compliance. Dealing with the tax compliance includes the preparation and filing of individual annual tax returns and paying the Dutch Tax Authority on the contractors behalf at the end of each working month, which is an extremely important aspect.

One of the biggest advantages of utilising our Dutch Umbrella Company is that it allows The Dutch Tax Authorities to clearly identify that you, as the contractor, are being rightfully paid and employed through a local Dutch company. This is hugely important as to identify that the contractor will not be held culpable for incorrect tax payments and calculations.  In turn, this gives both the agency and the contractor complete peace of mind that everything has been legally dealt with.

EAFS Consulting BV is registered with the Dutch Tax Authorities and Social insurance office.

From a tax perspective, EAFS Consulting BV is situated in the Netherlands, allowing us to achieve the minimum substance required to qualify for treaty benefits along with the ability to offer a Dutch address, regular bookkeeping services and ongoing legal support for freelancers and contractors.

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