Contractor Services

We have established ourselves in the contractor payroll sector for over a decade, accumulating a wealth of experience and building a strong team to support your accounting needs.

EAFS are Specialist Contractor Accountants, with extensive expertise in contract reviews for IR35. Providing tailored Limited Company accounting services specifically for contractors, we allow you to concentrate on your area of expertise as we take care of all accountancy, tax and planning compliance. This leaves you free to enjoy your spare time or a well-deserved rest from your employment without the hassle of sorting out and ensuring legality over your tax affairs.

Contractor Accountants - Insurance for Contractors

Business Insurance Cover is usually required by, and included in the contracts of, agencies and clients. Although no longer a statutory requirement, a company that is genuinely in business on its own account is expected to seek protection from an insurance provider to safeguard assets in case of emergency.

As a contractor or consultant, there are a number of different insurance products that you could purchase; yet deciding on what cover you need is difficult. With an extensive knowledge of the freelance industry, Kingsbridge Professional Solutions have put together a cost effective package to meet the exposures that you or your business could face.  By carefully selecting cover appropriate for you, we have removed the complication of picking cover and limits to purchase separately. Here you only have to purchase one policy!

Contractor Accountants - Changing Accountants

If you require a dedicated contractor accountant with a fully managed service, then EAFS is here to assist.  If you are presently with an Umbrella Company but would rather have the benefits of running your own Limited Company, then EAFS are here to help you make the transition.

The process can be relatively simple, just inform your Umbrella Company or current accountant that you no longer require their services. EAFS can then assist in arranging the formation of your new Limited Company, even on the same day. If you already have an existing Limited Company and simply require a change of accountants, we can also help you with the transfer over to using EAFS as your new accountancy service.

Contractor Accountants - Mortgages for Contractors

EAFS have partnered with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy (CMME). We have chosen to work with CMME due to their superior client service and experience within the contractor marketplace. CMME have heavily invested in technologies that make the contractors life as smooth as possible when applying for a mortgage.

CMME is a leading national mortgage brokerage, specialising in bespoke mortgage solutions for contractors. They help contractors to secure a competitive mortgage straightforwardly with none of the hassle that you may have experienced if you have already approached a lender.

When it comes down to choosing the right accounting firm, you can’t afford to take any chances. You need the knowledge that you’ve been given the right advice, that your monetary affairs are in order and that you aren’t over or under paying tax. EAFS can help to give you complete peace of mind.

By using a specialists limited company accountants like EAFS, you could considerably increase your net profit. As a firm of specialist Contractor Accountants we have the expertise and experience to identify tax savings and tax planning opportunities from which you can benefit from. To discuss further please contact us on +44 (0)131 526 3300 or fill in our online enquiry form and one of our consultants will call you back.

Other Services for UK Contractors


Insurance for Contractors

Insurance products to meet the exposures that you or your business could face.

Insurance for Contractors

Bank Account

Bank Account

EAFS can offer our contractors a Cater Allen business bank account, part of the Santander Bank group.

Business Bank Account


Contractor Mortgages

A straightforward mortgage application from our partners Contractor Mortgages Made Easy. .

Mortgages for Contractors

Why Choose EAFS?

  • We are Payroll Experts: We have major experience in Europe and hold all necessary licences for distributing payroll across the EU.
  • Value for Money: Our fees are highly competitive and very reasonable, especially compared to other firms.
  • We are on top of the Latest EU Developments: The legislation for the European Union is constantly changing, we stay up to date with all developments to provide the most legally compliant service at a competitive price.