Contractor Services : Insurance for Contractors

Business Insurance Cover is usually required by, and included in the contracts of, agencies and clients. Although no longer a statutory requirement, a company that is genuinely in business on its own account is expected to seek protection from an insurance provider to safeguard assets in case of emergency.

As a contractor or consultant, there are a number of different insurance products that you could purchase; yet deciding on what cover you need is difficult. With an extensive knowledge of the freelance industry, Kingsbridge Professional Solutions have put together a cost effective package to meet the exposures that you or your business could face.  By carefully selecting cover appropriate for you, we have removed the complication of picking cover and limits to purchase separately. Here you only have to purchase one policy!

Why Choose Us for Contractor Insurance?

By choosing EAFS’ insurance partner ‘Kingsbridge’ as your insurance provider, you’ll get:

  • The Best Value Cover for the Lowest Possible Cost with our Price Promise.
  • Instant Cover.
  • Few Exclusions.
  • An A-rated Insurer.
  • Instant documents.
  • A Dedicated UK team.
  • Policies for On and Offshore Workers.
  • A Partner with coveted Chartered Insurance Broker Status
  • 5 Insurance products in one easy to manage package

Professional Indemnity Insurance Package for Freelancers and Contractors

At Kingsbridge Professional Solutions, the core product is designed to suit the requirements of freelance professionals. It has been developed to include cover for all of the main exposures that may affect your professional activities. You don’t need to choose specific elements of cover as they have been carefully selected to complement your business, you only need to check that the limits provided meet the requirements of your contract.

Why do I need insurance when working as a contractor or freelancer?

For some contractors, there is a legal requirement to hold insurance. The employers’ liability legislation requires all employers to provide legal liability cover for their employees, as they could suffer injury as a result of their activities. This rule has limited exceptions in law, however a limited company employing only its director, who also owns 50% or more of the share capital, is exempt from employers’ liability legislation. If this applies to you then the law does not require you to hold insurance, but any prudent individual would normally choose to protect him or herself from liability that might rise as a result of their business activities.

In the vast majority of cases, contract conditions will insist that you hold a certain insurance cover, usually employers’ liability, public liability and professional indemnity. Failure to provide this cover may lead to a breach of contract. The majority of clients and agencies will insist on proof of your cover arrangements.

What risks am I exposed to working as a freelance contractor?

  • Do I give professional advice?
  • Will I get paid if I am injured at work?
  • Do I employ my spouse?
  • Do I visit clients' premises?
  • Do my clients visit me?
  • Do I have legal duties operating a limited company?
  • Do I need funds to defend against any actions made against me; even unfounded ones?

Benefits of the Kingsbridge policy

  • Is quick and easy to buy online.
  • Has comprehensive policy limits.
  • Is a key IR35 compliance indicator?
  • Helps meet your contractual obligations.
  • Covers an extensive range of professional occupations.
  • Is a simple package at a market-leading price.

There are so many policies out there for contractors - how do I choose the right one for me?

As a freelance contractor or consultant, there are a number of different insurance products that you can purchase; however deciding upon what you need can be difficult. By carefully selecting cover appropriate for you, we have removed the complication of purchasing cover and choosing limits separately. You simply buy one policy including the following cover:

  • Professional Indemnity - £1 million per any one claim (and in the aggregate).
  • Public Liability - £5 million per original cause (unlimited in the aggregate).
  • Employers' Liability - £10 million per original cause (unlimited in the aggregate).
  • Directors' and Officers' Liability - £100,000 any one claim (and in the aggregate).
  • Personal Accident, Weekly Benefit – up to £500 payable for maximum of 52 weeks.
  • Personal Accident, Death Benefit - £100,000. 

Why Choose EAFS?

  • We are Payroll Experts: We have major experience in Europe and hold all necessary licences for distributing payroll across the EU.
  • Value for Money: Our fees are highly competitive and very reasonable, especially compared to other firms.
  • We are on top of the Latest EU Developments: The legislation for the European Union is constantly changing, we stay up to date with all developments to provide the most legally compliant service at a competitive price.