Contractor Services : Mortgages for Contractors

EAFS have partnered with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy (CMME). We have chosen to work with CMME due to their superior client service and experience within the contractor marketplace. CMME have heavily invested in technologies that make the contractors life as smooth as possible when applying for a mortgage.

CMME is a leading national mortgage brokerage, specialising in bespoke mortgage solutions for contractors. They help contractors to secure a competitive mortgage straightforwardly with none of the hassle that you may have experienced if you have already approached a lender.

CMME offer a straightforward contractor mortgage advisory service. They can help you quickly find the mortgage that's right for you and make it as easy as possible - doing everything they can to simplify the process for you.

  • Mortgages based on Contract Rate alone.
  • Negotiated Underwriting terms for contractors, with many High Street Lenders.
  • Mortgage Funding options available for day one contractors.
  • Access to hundreds of mortgage offers from the whole of the market. Their advice is completely impartial.
  • Streamlined processes avoiding unnecessary paperwork and time delays.

Why Choose EAFS?

  • We are Payroll Experts: We have major experience in Europe and hold all necessary licences for distributing payroll across the EU.
  • Value for Money: Our fees are highly competitive and very reasonable, especially compared to other firms.
  • We are on top of the Latest EU Developments: The legislation for the European Union is constantly changing, we stay up to date with all developments to provide the most legally compliant service at a competitive price.